How We Build Up Our Community

HOW is a Community Housing & Development Organization (CHDO), meaning we can access federal funds for housing activities through the State of Indiana. HOW housing activities are reviewed annually by the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA) so that we can maintain our status as a CHDO.

In 1997, HOW began applying for funding for our owner-occupied rehabilitation programs with support from the local community. Places such as Warsaw, Winona Lake, Pierceton, Claypool, Mentone, Syracuse and Kosciusko County provided match dollars so that we could apply for these grants. This enabled low-to-moderate income homeowners to come to HOW for home repairs through these OOR grants.

HOW writes rehab specifications for the program and contracts local contractors to perform the work. Every dollar spent through our programs assists a family in the community and goes back into our local economy, giving steady work to local contractors and their sub-contractors. To date, HOW has administered roughly $6.3 million in OOR and Housing Preservation grants.

The Weatherization Program

In 2009, HOW was awarded over $2 million for the purpose of weatherizing the homes of low-to-moderate income families in Kosciusko County. During a two-year operational period, we were able to provide over 200 Kosciusko County families with insulation, energy efficient furnaces, water heaters, and air sealants.

Where Our Money Goes

Because most of the grants we receive come in the form of reimbursements, we have to keep our overhead costs very low. We use approximately 8% of our annual income – grants and donations – for overhead; the rest goes directly to Kosciusko families needing our services.


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