What do you do, and for whom?

Housing Opportunities is a not-for-profit housing agency that performs housing activities such as education and home repairs for the disabled, elderly and low income families in Kosciusko County.

Where do you get your funding?

Our funding is through federal grants, donations, local foundations and United Way of Kosciusko County.

How do I apply for assistance?

You will need to fill out a pre-application for rehab requests. The pre-app can be found on the City of Warsaw web page, in our office or we can mail one to you. You can call and request to be signed up for classes and will be contacted for the next session(s).

How long until you will fix my house?

We work with families by the date and time the pre-apps are received and the urgency of the repair needed. It also depends on availability of funding. When working with federal funds it can be 6 months to qualify a family and bid out and complete the work.


Want to work with us?

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