HOW began applying for funding for owner-occupied rehabilitation with local community support. Communities such as Warsaw, Winona Lake, Pierceton, Claypool, Mentone, Syracuse and Kosciusko County provided match dollars to apply for these grants. Low- to moderate-income homeowners applied to HOW for assistance to repair their homes through these OOR grants. HOW wrote rehab specifications for the work to be done and contracted local contractors to perform the work. Every dollar spent assisted a family in the community and went back into our local economy, giving steady work to local contractors and their sub-contractors. HOW has administered about $6,300,000.00 in OOR and Housing Preservation grants to date.

Mentoring is our strongest gift to those we serve. We provide a solution to our homeowners’ immediate needs and repairs, but we follow them for years after the home repair to ensure they are spending less than 40% of their income on housing costs. If a family spends more than this on housing, they cannot afford “life happens” moments in their life, like car repairs, unexpected costs for raising their children, medical occurrences, higher premiums on medical insurance, etc. We all have these expenses, and families are in trouble when they have to start choosing the bills they can afford to pay. When a crisis occurs, if they have the tools to cope with it one step at the time instead of reacting, they need less money to get through the crisis. These are skills some people take for granted.

HOW is ever-changing as we access the housing needs in Kosciusko County. We have a fundraiser every 2-3 years, and we’ve established an endowment fund through the KCCF to continue developing funds for the benefit of our local homeowners. Learn more about how you can be a part of our mission.


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