We rely on generous donations from our community. Without your support, we would not be able to play our part in improving the lives of our neighbors in need. Rest assured, your donations will make a difference. We keep our overhead as low as possible, in fact only 8% of our annual income goes to overhead. That means 92% goes directly to families that need our services.

  • Affordable, safe and healthy housing is essential in a thriving community. Low- to moderate-income families struggle with their housing costs: mortgage, insurance, taxes and utilities. This leaves them without resources for maintenance and emergencies.
  • Every family needs a safe environment to live in that they can afford. HOW provides rehab programs to ensure the home is structurally safe, free of water damage, and established with water, sewage disposal, and heat.
  • The ownership of a home is the largest or ONLY asset that many families have. HOW provides educational programs to teach families how to manage and make choices within their budget for housing costs.
  • A family spends at least 70% of their time in their home. The health of the home has an impact on the health of the family members.  We provide education and programs to ensure that homes are healthy from environmental hazards.
  • The cost of utilities is part of our housing costs. We have no control over the rates we pay. We do have control over our habits and air sealing our homes. HOW teaches energy saving classes and provides air sealing supplies.
  • Our population is aging. The cost to live in assisted living can deplete one’s life savings. Most seniors have the goal to stay in their home as long as they can. As they age, they need a resource for Aging in Place retrofits, such as widened doors, raised toilets, grab bars, ramps. Grant/loan programs help seniors and the disabled remain places where they have family and/or support systems.

We rely on your generous donations!

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