Letter from the Executive Director – April 2019

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When you work in the nonprofit world, you have the opportunity to meet and work with families from all walks of life.  As you work with these families, each day results in you feeling something different. Some days, you feel like you accomplish absolutely nothing; the people you try so hard to help can sometimes be uncooperative and rude, acting like you requesting documentation or confirmation about something is a plot solely designed to ruin their day.

Other days, you feel tremendously successful. On those days, you might get a heartfelt thank-you or find out that someone you helped is in a radically better place than they were when they first came to you. It’s those days that re-energize you, reminding you that your efforts are, indeed, making a difference.

At HOW, one of the programs we offer is called “Lifecycles of Homeownership.” Families receiving home repairs from our other programs are asked to attend the class so that they learn how to better take care of their homes going forward. This four-week class is available for both new and senior homeowners – you’re never be too young or too old to be a responsible homeowner!  Now, many seniors don’t think that attending the class will benefit them, but I assure you: the results prove that it will.

I recently received a phone call from a senior citizen that attended the class last spring. He emphatically thanked us for advising that he go to the courthouse to file tax exemptions for his property taxes. Until he received the tax bill a few weeks ago, he didn’t know how much a basic understanding of tax exemptions was going to save him and his wife. Previously, he had been paying $220 in property taxes; with the exemptions, it dropped all the way down to $36!  Knowing what I do about the health problems this man’s family has encountered over the last year and what it has cost them, it touched my heart to hear the satisfaction and joy in his voice.  It’s these types of encounters that keep me going.

Pamela Kennedy

Executive Director, Housing Opportunities of Warsaw


If you would like to learn more about the ways HOW impacts our community or attend any of our classes, including our Home Energy Impact class or our Lifecycles of Homeownership class, please reach out to us! You can contact us at (574) 269-7641 ext. 106, fill out this form, or follow us on Facebook.  Additionally, you can come to our offices at 109 W Catherine St. Milford, IN 46542. We are always looking for donors and volunteers so that we can impact the lives of more people!
At Housing Opportunities of Warsaw, our mission is to encourage and expand safe and affordable housing by providing opportunity and choice through investment in people and communities.  Through educational courses, emergency home repair and home retrofit programs, assessing homes for health risks, and transitional housing, we are dedicated to helping our neighbors get through times of difficulty and become self-sufficient once more.