Healthy Homes involves a home visit to determine through a survey and walk-through if there are air quality issues that could be determining the health of the family. HOW has partnered with IPFW-IU for nursing interns to visit homes and conduct the interviews in homes in Kosciusko County. One environmental issue this program is concentrating on is Radon. The EPA states that over 50% of the housing in our community has radon. How many of us have tested our homes for radon? Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer. This program is designed to prevent long-term health issues.

We conduct the radon testing free to the homeowner and give carbon monoxide detectors to those with homes with gas appliances. If any family member is over 55 years, an aging in place assessment is also conducted. The nursing students will discuss health issues that can be related to having pests, pets, mold moisture, lead, cleaning products and more. This program is free to all homeowners in Kosciusko County. IPFW-IU will be publishing a paper on the results of the study. The testing and materials have been funded by K21 Foundation and City of Warsaw. More funding is needed to visit and test as many homes in our community as possible.


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